Frequently Asked Questions

What is Statement?

Statement provides Assignee Expense Management Services, globally. Built from the ground up for users working in multiple currencies and countries, Statement offers the flexibility and transparency multinational business needs.

Our services can be integrated with your employer’s ERP/HRIS/ARM system, allowing users to select from corporate exchange rates, use employer-defined expense types, and enables consolidated reporting to finance.

How do I get started with Statement

If you would like to create a new account with Statement, contact us at We can talk you through the steps to implement the app for you or your company. If you have already been provided with login details by an existing account manager, you can simply download the app and log in.

How does Statement work?

Statement integrates with your current system, in order to retirve the employee information such as your account currency, offices and corporate rates. Once this is complete, you can login, create an Expense reports and attribute expenses. Our system then passes that information through to the configured approvers/reviewers. Any approved reports are then fed back to your finance systems directly or through a generated report.

What languages is Statement available in?

Statement is currently only supporting the English language, however in future updates we would like to include multi-language functionality based on the default language on the users device.

How does Statement capture receipt information?

In order to create and submit an expense claim, you must upload an image of the relevant receipt. This is done via your device’s camera which requires your permission to access. Once each claim has been submitted the images are then stored securely. This information is then only shared between you and the selected approvers and reviewers for each specific claim.

Which mobile device platforms is the Statement app available on?

Statement has been designed for both Android and iOS devices, and o be available on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively.

How do I submit expense reports?

After creating a report and some expense items linked to that report, as long as all of the information you have provided is valid, the app will allow you to submit that report. The button is found on the top right of the report details page, and will only become selectable once all the required information has been inputted.

How do I submit expenses?

You do not submit expenses directly. Each expense is held within a report. Once the report has been populated with any expenses you want to submit that are relevant, you submit the report and by doing that the expenses held within that report get submitted for reviewal. {:auto_ids}

What expense types can the app process?

The application can process “Business Expenses” and “Assignment Expenses”.

What if I forgot my username or password?

If you have forgotten your password, at the login screen of the app, you are able to select the “Forgotten Password” option which will allow you to receive an email in which you can reset your password to a new one. Your username will by default be your work email address. If you would like that to change you can contact us at and we will be happy to update that.

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